Bird Sort Puzzle Mod APK

Bird Sort Puzzle Mod APK 2024 Version 1.2.2 No Ads

Game NameBird Sort Puzzle Mod APK
PublisherAzura Global
Latest Version1.2.2
Size63 MB
MOD FeaturesNo Ads

Many people love to watch birds in their backyard or live in areas where they can enjoy seeing and listening to the sounds of birds. Bird watching is a relaxing hobby that can be enjoyed by all. Today, we are going to share a fun game that you can play with your friends and family. Bird Sort – Color Puzzle is the best game when it comes to the category of color sorting color games. In this game, you get to use your eyes to find out which color represents which type of bird. It’s going to be a blast. So, get Bird Sort Puzzle Mod APK now and show the world your cognitive skills.

How Does Ball Sort Puzzle Work?

Bird Sort Puzzle Mod APK is a free puzzle game in which you need to sort the birds of the same color and breed. Then you will put them on the same branch of the tree to get them free. As you move up the levels in the game, the game will bring more challenging stages to test your sorting skills. This game will also aid you in teaching your kids color-matching skills. Besides that, they will learn creative problem-solving skills at an early age, and that too by playing a game. Enhance your analytical thinking drastically. This type of game keeps your mind alert and helps to keep your brain fit for other types of activities.

Bird Sort Puzzle Mod APK Gameplay

Game Controls

The controls are simple, and you will master them quickly. Even a small kid can get used to the controls. Click on the bird you want to move to another branch and then pat on your desired branch to make it sit there. Try to clear the stage in the least possible moves so that you get more rewards. We have another amazing puzzle game for you in the form of My Story Mod APK.

Add Tree Branch

There will come a time when you get stuck in the game as you will not be able to move the birds. Don’t worry, the game gives you two options. Undo your last moves by clicking the back button and start the game again. Secondly, watch an advertisement video in the game to add a branch. Adding a branch will give you added advantage and you will be able to move to the next levels quickly.

What’s New

The developer has recently released an update of the game. The new update will be out very soon. So, this game keeps on receiving important updates on a regular basis. New levels are added, and more challenges are waiting for you in the game. The game performance is improved drastically by fixing the bugs that were found in the initial launch of the game. Even the developers have asked the players to suggest any improvements to the game.

Amazing Challenges

There are hundreds of challenges to help you enjoy this game. Once you’re finished with one challenge, you’ll immediately want to complete the next one. It’s a great way to pass the time when you need some relaxing time for yourself. The players spent hours on their mobiles just to finish the puzzles rather quickly. It is an interesting puzzle game, and you are going to play it many more times.


Although the game doesn’t offer you some dashing graphics, you will enjoy the vibrant colors of the birds. The backgrounds are also very attractive and will be available by spending the coins. Collect the coins by clearing the missions and using them to unlock new things in the game. Please note that till level fifty the game is not that difficult but after this level, you will have to really test your mind.

Bird Sort Puzzle Mod APK Level

Main Features: Bird Sort Puzzle Mod APK

The main features of the game are:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • All Levels Unlocked
  • Free Tree Branches
  • Ads Free
  • Unlimited Shopping
  • All Backgrounds Unlocked
  • Root Free


Please be rest assured that our mods are perfectly safe for the user.

This game will not be a burden on the storage of your mobile as it is 63 MB only.

Absolutely not, this mod is free for life with lifetime updates. Many people ask, is ball sort puzzle free? Please note that it is free for all.


Bird Sort Puzzle Mod is the best puzzle game available for android and can also be downloaded on your iOS device. This awesome mod offers you all the tools you could ever want. With its amazing free features, this futuristic game lets you enjoy it for hours. Besides that, the removal of ads will make you feel no unrest while enjoying the game. The puzzles in this game are thought-provoking and fun. You will love to share this game with my children. Though the game is challenging but also relaxing at the same time. Get the game to clear your mind of all the worries about your routine.

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