Armed Heist Mod APK

Armed Heist Mod APK ver3.0.1 Unlimited Money and Diamonds

Game NameArmed Heist Mod APK
Latest Version3.0.1
Size695 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money and Diamonds

Armed Heist: Shooting Gun Game will give you goosebumps as you will be facing the huge threat of the corps during a bank robbery. You need to work with great agility as any delay may result in you getting injured or caught. Robbing a bank has never been a walk in the park so you need to plan your move precisely and accurately. Deadly bullets are moving towards you are high speed. It is now up to you to escape the attack. This action-packed third-person shooting game has everything you want in a thrilling game. So, download the Armed Heist Mod APK and achieve your goal of becoming rich.

How to Play Armed Heist

You will encounter the world’s most dangerous corps in more than 70 bank shooting challenges. Act as a mastermind behind the robbery and become a crime tycoon. Make sure you are the one who shoots first otherwise, this may be your last breath. The missions are very challenging and will pose a great threat to your life. Be careful in your moves and never stop firing for the safety of your life. The missions will truly test your target hitting and ensure to hit the bull’s eye every time.

Armed Heist Mod APK Gameplay

Modify Your Guns

The most integral part of this game is the guns. You can customize your armed heist best guns as per your gaming style. Just imagine the type of modification you want to make in your weapons and boom. Every weapon starting from the pistols to the assault rifles can be altered and made more deadly. Your success in the robbery is directly proportional to the quality of your weapon arsenal. Make modifications with great care because you can’t afford to miss any shot at the corps and missing the shot will result in you missing your life. Get unlimited guns in Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK.

3D Maps

More than seventy 3D maps are waiting for your ruthless attacks. Choose low-security banks to get the money out of them. Pick up the best-armored trucks to quickly take the money and escape the furious firing by the police. Just attack the bank, get the money, and run in your fastest vehicles. The ones who are left behind will stand no chance of survival. Every map requires a different game plan and strategy. Every time alter your moves and never follow the same pattern of attack.

Character Modification

As you are the don of the crime world your looks should match your character. Give your character a look of a true-crime master. Change the mask, get a bulletproof vest to safeguard against the bullets, and make him wear classy outfits. The new look of the money heist master will let him get anything he wants in the game. Be more creative in customization as you need to get the robbery job done with foolproof planning.

Armed Heist Mod APK Success

Main Features: Armed Heist Mod APK

The incredible mod features of the game are:

Unlimited Money

Unlimited money is considered the best feature for any mod because you will be able to purchase anything via this money. So, this mod feature will let you get unlimited everything in the game. You can purchase armed heist weapons that you believe can help you in making the robbery a successful one. Download Armed Heist Mod APK to enjoy everything for free.

All Weapons Unlocked

Being a professional robber, you must be relying on your weapons. Get all weapons unlocked so that you never feel short of any gun or bullets. Make free upgrades to your weapons to make them more powerful and effective. Go with a bang and crush anything that may come your way.

Incredible Maps Unlocked

As already discussed, there are around 70 amazing maps to fulfill your robbery lust. But it takes a lot of time to unlock these maps, and no one had much time for that. Our mod has all the maps unlocked so you pick the map of your choice and start grabbing handsome money from the banks. Never feel the scarcity of maps in the game and jump to any maps anytime.

God Mode

The armed Heist mod menu feature of this game will let you become immortal. Even a bullet shot will not be able to kill you. The armed police and any other law enforcement agency can’t do damage to you. Become a true underworld don who is untouchable and do whatever you want. Make your robberies a great success and keep the police beating the bush. This god mod is the first choice for any player.


It is an amazing robbery game where you will rob the banks by deceiving the corps.

Currently, the game is running on version 3.0.1. You can also get an armed heist mod APK unlimited money iOS version as well.

Yes, our mod will give you all levels unlocked.


Armed Heist is the most incredible TPS game that is available online. The graphics are very close to real life and you will feel like actually doing a robbery in the bank. Keep updating and customizing your character along with the weapons. Make the most out of your weapons as they will be a decisive force for your success as a robber. The police are chasing you and will pose a great threat to your objectives. But use your arsenal with speed and keep them at arm’s length. Armed Heist Mod APK has all the premium features for you absolutely free so keep moving to new maps and become the world’s richest person.

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